Growing up, we would sit around the dinner table at 5-5:30 every night.

Photo - Whitney Martin
Photo - Whitney Martin

It's 2017 and people are busier than ever. Time spent working, kids have travel sports teams, the amount of added pressure and stress of everyday life is at an all time high.

So who actually sits down to eat anymore? Do you and your family gather around the dinner table at 5pm everyday?

I wanted to reach out to a few people that I know are NOT home to eat with family every night. These are people that are busy to the point of dinner being an after thought or just eating on the run.

First on my list is my good friend Whitney Martin from 23 WIFR. She is either on location, working on a news story, or on TV delivering the news. So sitting down for dinner at 5 o'clock, not gonna happen. Here is Whitney's story:

When things are busy in our newsroom my dinner is similar to an unsupervised child at birthday party. We get a lot of treats at the station and as the working pace picks up, my bites at the cake table also increase. Typically I try to “meal prep” where I make chicken and veggies for a few days and put them in containers so I can grab them on the go. (That’s when I actually plan.) When I’m in a huge hurry, I’ll eat a Quest protein bar and throw some veggies in the microwave. I usually eat them to the sound of my co-workers whining about the smell . Each bite feels like home. - Whitney Martin

We will continue this series next week with another Rockford professional, and how they do dinner.


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