It's almost time to indulge in the best meal of the year, THANKSGIVING DINNER!

If you're hosting, or even just attending the party, you might have already started recipe planning. And how do you plan everything nowadays? Head to the internet.

Well, according to the internet, Illinois is about to have the most BORING Thanksgiving ever. Here's why I say that, one survey broke down "Most Searched Recipes By State". They did a savory map, and a sweet map. And let me just say, Illinois failed in both categories.

So what's Illinois' most searched savory Thanksgiving recipe?

SALAD. Yeah. How boring?

So I thought, maybe they have a really good pie on the sweet map. Nope. BROWNIES.

Credit HM

Salad and brownies? Really Illinois? Those have almost nothing to do with Thanksgiving.

In case you were curious, Wisconsin's are green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. AKA normal, yummy Thanksgiving foods.

Credit HM

So here's to hoping we all don't sit down Thanksgiving night to a table full of 10 different types of salad with brownies for dessert.

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