Happy "Cheese Lovers Day"!

I'm a serious cheese lover. I love cheese in all forms. Sliced, shredded, melted, you name it, i'll eat it. So I feel like "Cheese Lovers Day" was really made for people like me. You know, people who crave cheese 24/7? The people who eat shredded cheese straight from the bag? Yeah, that's me.

A recent survey found out what every state's favorite cheese is. As a cheese lover, I agreed with every state's favorite. So what was Illinois' favorite cheese?

According to Zippia, Illinois' favorite cheese is "Queso Blanco". Now, for the cheese state, Wisconsin. What was their favorite? Apparently Wisconsin loves some Swiss cheese.

Here's how the rest of the states compared to us according to the cheesey survey done by Zippia -

Credit Zippia
Credit Zippia

Some of these are questionable. South Dakota and Utah ... string cheese? Really? I mean I'm not judging, because I love me some string cheese, but maybe try a nice cheddar or something a little more legit. Then there's the state's who's favorite cheese is Velveeta. Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, I'm looking at you.

Now, again, I LOVE Velveeta, so I'm not here to judge. But with this next one, I'm here to judge. Delaware ... Cheese Whiz? Really? Now that one is where I draw the line. Wyoming's favorite cheese is cottage cheese. Does that even count? I love cottage cheese, but again, I don't really classify it as a type of cheese.

I'm liking Alaska's pick. Gouda is my all time favorite cheese. Good choice Alaska!


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