Did you find yourself cooking more during 2020? Between lockdown, pure boredom, and watching way too many cooking videos online, I feel like I actually cooked more than I ever have before. I think my favorite part of all the cooking was that we turned to our favorite comfort foods to keep up sane last year.

Personally, I made a lot of Tik Tok recipes. From a delicious orzo recipe, to fun coffee drinks, I seriously found a lot of my cooking inspiration from scrolling Tik Tok. A new study looked at exactly what comfort food got each state through 2020.

According to E-conolight, here's how they determined what food each state was loving on -

We identified over 100 foods that people classify as “comfort foods” – the foods they reach for when they need a pick-me-up. Then, using Google Trends, we determined which foods were most popular across the country and in each state based on search volume in 2020. We took special note of individual categories like desserts and side dishes to find which comfort foods people love most overall and which they love most within a certain category.

So what was Illinois' go-to? Turns out it was actually one of the most popular comfort foods across the country.



Here's how the rest of the country compared -

Credit econolight

I'm seriously SO hungry after reading this list. I think it has all my favorite foods on it. From fried chicken, to biscuits and gravy, to pot roast, I'm drooling just reading the list.

This is your official excuse to indulge in your favorite comfort food.

H/T E-conolight

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