If you are going to show your significant other how much you care on Valentine's Day, use this list.

Valentine's Day

There is so much to do in our beautiful Northern Illinois area, that Valentine's Day shouldn't be that difficult right? If you over think things, try way too hard to make every Hallmark Holiday to greatest day ever, then this list is for you.

The unusual that comes with some thought, is always a winner. So instead of flowers and candy, how about a burger in Ridott and a drive into German Valley for some karaoke?

Here are my 5 Valentine's Day Romantic Ideas With a Local Twist:

  • Donuts at Doughboy's Donuts and go visit your mom or Grandma
  • Get some 40's, McDonald's and hang out by the airport and watch the planes go by
  • Go for a drive off of Route 2 while drinking coffee from Wired
  • Go pet puppies at Noah's Ark
  • A large pasta dinner at Lino's and off to the trampoline park





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