Gone are the days of the family gathering around the dinner table.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

In part three of this series we take a look at another busy, Rockford area business professional and what dinner time consists of for them.

Becky Senobe is a wife, mother, and a busy business woman. Becky manages Anytime Fitness in Roscoe, and is rarely home at the sacred 5-5:30pm dinner time. So how in the world does she do it? How does a strong, independent business woman balance life, and dinner time. Here is Becky's story.

Growing up it seemed everything we did revolved around food. It was rude not to eat if it was offered. I want my kids to learn that we eat to fuel our body not because its a certain time of day, as a reason to gather, or like me, be an emotional eater (not proud of that).

I work until 7pm so I am not home for "dinner".  I found that if I wait to get home and eat I am one HANGRY mama! I would either binge on EVERYTHING once I got home or hit the drive thru. I would workout HARD in the morning & destroy my hard work in the kitchen at night. I was getting nowhere with my fitness goals. I work in the fitness industry for petes sake, LOL, I know this stuff but I am also a human. The struggle IS real!

I now designate time every Sunday for meal preparation. I have simple meals so it only takes an hour or so to prepare everything I need for the week. My dinner consist of protein, which is usually chicken, beef or salmon with a veggie, I like asparagus or broccoli. It also depends on whats in season. It's also a money saver!!

I get home usually around 7:30 & that is our family time. My boys tell me about their day & we hang out until bedtime. Probably the same conversation that goes on at most dinner tables just not making the emotional connection with food. - Becky Senobe




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