Drinking half a bottle of red wine a night before bed could help you lose weight, says SCIENCE!

Hold the phone. Ladies who love wine, this is huge.

Research PositiveMed suggests that drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine in the evening lose weight faster than those who do not.

drink red wine to lose weight
igorr1, ThinkStock

Red wine in the evening has been shown to cut cravings, appetite, lower blood pressure and help promote relaxation. This means you probably won't pig out on high calorie snacks like potato chips and ice cream before bed.

Red wine also contains Ellagic acid which slows the growth of fat cells and stops new ones from forming. Ellagic acid also boosts metabolism of fatty acids in liver cells.

There are many other benefits to drinking a glass or two of red wine a night. Previous research suggests that red wine can lower risk of heart disease, stroke and can induce natural cell death in certain types of cancer.


Does this mean we should all start drinking red wine before bed? Who knows, but I and my waistline will be happy to give it a try.


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