Double T goes "one on one" with comedian, Dobie Maxwell, to discuss his new book, "Monkey in the Middle."

Dobie Maxwell is a national touring comedian. He grew up in Milwaukee and has been in the Chicago area for years. He has played at comedy clubs all over the country.

He has performed numerous times in Rockford including The Quark, L.T.'s, Texas Grill, and Francesco's.

He's a nice guy and has been a friend of mine for years.

He recently became an author by releasing his first book, "Monkey in the Middle." I like to refer to it as the bank robbery story. He told me the story years ago and I immediately told him he needed to write a book about it. I was so happy when he finally did.

It's the story about how Dobie's friend robbed a bank. Then the comedian had to make the life changing decision of choosing between his best friend from childhood and going to jail.

The story sounds like something that happens in the movies.

After Dobie tells you more about it in the video, you will definitely want to pick up a copy.

I hope the next step is the movie.

Video: Double T Goes "One on One" with Comedian Dobie Maxwell

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