A brand new comedy special has been released for free from comedian Bob Zany.

I've known comedian, Bob Zany, for a long time. He's one of my favorites. I think it's because every show is different. You never know what you're going to get yourself into when you attend a Bob Zany show. Especially, if you sit up close. He does a great job with audience interaction.

He's performed in Rockford several times through the years including at the Coronado PAC, Giovanni's, Francesco's, and District to name a few.

Now, you don't even have to leave your house to see his act. Plus, there's an added bonus. It won't cost you anything. Zany has just released his brand new Drybar Comedy Special, "I Think I Handled That Well." You can even watch it with the whole family because the material is all clean.

If you enjoy the show, you can give Bob a tip for the effort. Remember, he hasn't been able to tour for months and not sure when it will happen again. That's how he makes a living.

The cool thing about the Drybar app, there are a bunch of other comedians with specials available to watch too. So, if you're sick of Netflix, this might be a good alternative.

Don't forget, to check him out on my show every Wednesday at 8:10 am-ish for the Hump Day Funny with Comedian Bob Zany & the Zany Report.

To watch his special, HERE.

For more info about Drybar, HERE.

Check out Bob Zany, HERE.

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