Chicago had another stinky nickname before it was called the Windy City.

Alright, students, it's time to learn. I figured since some of the area schools are back in session, there's nothing wrong with finding out new information. In fact, I enjoy learning something every day. As long as, I don't forget anything old.

I believe you could use this fact the next time you're out with your friends to win some money or at least a free drink.

Not everything has its original name. Towns, roads, bands, parks, and more have changed their names throughout history. Believe it or not, Double T isn't my real name.

Did you know, Chicago had a different name? I'm not surprised but the original wasn't what I expected.

According to,

"Chicago is translated from "shikaakwa" which is a Miami-Illinois word that loosely translates to wild onions, but the Ojibwe word for the area was "Zhigaagong" which means "on the skunk," and it is documented that the Potawatomi called the place "skunk town."

You read that correctly. Chicago was once Skunk Town. Not because of all the pot smoked there, the lack of deodorant, unsuccessful pro sports teams, or factories.

"During a certain time of year, this place is riddled with the critters, so it should come as no surprise that they were once so prevalent that Native Americans named the area after them."

Hopefully, the citizens of Wisconsin don't find out because that name could make a comeback.

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