If you love traveling with your dog, there is now a new and better option flying out of Illinois.

Bark Air Now Offers Flights Out Of Illinois

Don't get me wrong, I love animals, especially my pets. I just don't understand how people bring them on vacation and travel with the little creatures. Manly, because it's not easy. It's hard enough going through an airport with yourself let alone with a dog.

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I'm guessing that some people really feel like the dog is their best friend. That's the main reason they want to travel with them. I'm too paranoid thinking something would happen while we were on our way to somewhere different.

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Like anything else, there are many rules and regulations while traveling with your pet or dog. It's not like they can wander up and down the aisle of the plane. Fitting into the seats is a tight fit. Now add an animal in that space. It's just not comfortable.


If you love your dog and don't want to leave it at home when you're traveling, there is a new option for you. I'm not surprised at all about this existing and it will be very successful. People just love their puppies.

It's a new airline called Bark Air. The company is focused on bringing comfortable air travel for dogs and their owners. There are flights now offered out of Midway Airport in Chicago. Of course, bringing your puppy along on the trip in luxury won't be cheap. For you and your best friend, it will cost you $6,000 in the U.S. and $8,000 to go overseas.

Bark Air

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