First question for the class, who knows what Tannerite is?


Tannerite is an explosive target that is used for shooting practice. Tannerite is sold in kit and is two different powders, and is very, very dangerous.

Now that you know what it is, here is how NOT to use it. These guys with a death wish, apparently though filling a fridge with Tannerite and shooting the fridge, was a great idea.

As you watch these fellas that ate paint chips as a kid, prepare to shoot the fridge look at the safety involved. I'll stand behind this tree when I pull the trigger because it will make me feel safe. If the tree wasn't there, this video may have had a different ending.

Now this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK for many reasons. First off, they are freaking stupid. Secondly, language.

Enjoy some real Americans shooting a fridge full of Tannerite.




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