Nerf wars are fun for people of all ages! I mean have you seen some of the Nerf Dart Guns they're coming out with now?


But who wants to clean up all those darts when the war is over?

Thankfully I just stumbled upon an article that will not just change Nerf battles in my home but so many Rockford homes.

Parents, no longer do we need to bend over to pick up all those darts that find there way all over after your kids have had an epic Nerf gun battle. In fact, our kids can do it themselves with the Nerf Elite Dart Rover.


This thing picks up to 100 darts and the handle is adjustable so everyone in the family can use it!

The Dart Rover is priced on Amazon for $39.99, we're already paying that for a blaster and you could get two tactical vests for that. And let's not discuss what additional darts can run you and how often you're buying them. So I'd consider that to be pretty reasonable all things considered.

I'd say if your kids are into Nerf blasters, this should already be in your cart.

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