Despite the rumors, actor Bill Murray is currently not involved in the movie about the Chicago Cubs World Series Championship season.

As I was watching the Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Championship season, one thing kept popping in my head. This would make a great movie. Especially, how it ended.

After the season one of the key players, David Ross, wrote a book about the experience called "Teammate." That story became the base for what could become a Cubs movie about that amazing season. I guess I was right.

Australian director, Shane Abbess, has been brought in to get the project rolling. He is a huge baseball fan.

He was recently interviewed by the Chicago Sun-Times. They asked him about the rumor about Bill Murray starring in the movie in the role of Joe Maddon.

"Asked about the rumored casting of Bill Murray to portray team manager Joe Maddon in his film, Abbess joked about the difficulty in actually reaching the famously elusive Murray but noted “he’s such a huge Cubs fan and I think he’d be great,” if the casting could be finalized."

At this point, it sounds like Bill Murray won't be in the movie, but don't give up hope. Remember the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, so anything is possible.

What other actors do you think would be good for this film and who would they play on the team?


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