Illinois restaurant hosts a haunting good time with dinner in the dark.

People Like To Be Scared

I believe most people have a love and hate relationship with being scared. We hate when it happens but something about that adrenaline rush is also kind of satisfying.

Think about all the money that is spent on being frightened by things like movies, books, haunted houses, costumes, and ghost hunts to just a couple. Of course, the list goes on and on.

Before you know it, we will be in the month of October which means Halloween will not be far behind. That is when the scare business really ramps up.

Haunting Dining In The Dark

Have you ever been in a blackout at night? It is pretty freaky. You can not see a thing. Your mind starts racing. After a couple of minutes, hopefully, you can get yourself together to find a flashlight or candle.

Now, think about trying to eat in that situation. It would definitely be a unique and scary experience. Of course, a restaurant is offering you the opportunity.

It would be something like this...

Video: This is What it's Like to Eat in the Complete Dark - Eating Outside the Box, Episode 8

Honestly, I do not think I could do it. That experience is a little too weird for me but I think there are plenty of people that would try it.

If you are interested. here are some details.

Details For Haunted Dining In The Dark In Illinois

You can do this exact event in Illinois.

According to Haunting Dining In The Dark Facebook Page...

"Come and discover what goes on in the darkness at Haunted Dining in the Dark. Haunted Dining in the Dark is an immersive experience that combines a gourmet 3-course meal and a supernatural tale of horror all while in complete darkness. Be prepared to scream in horror and growl in delight at this fun and ferocious event."


  • Wednesdays thru Saturdays
  • Multiple times available
  • Length 90 minutes
  • Masq at Hubbard Inn (110 W Hubbard Street in Chicago)
  • 21 and over
  • Halloween costumes suggested
  • To  purchase ticket and more info, HERE

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