You went out partying in Rockford last night, here's how to handle the kids while suffering from a hangover.

It's that time of year, the holidays. You know what it means. Parties, lots and lots of parties. Meeting up with old friends. Hanging out with family. Every time you turn around, somebody is handing you a drink.

Of course, it's all fun in the moment. Unfortunately, the next day you aren't going to feel very good. Oh, it's hangover time. Any moment, the kids are going to be busting into your bedroom and ready to get the day going.

How are you going to make it through this experience?

Luckily, has a guide to help you survive this situation.

"How To Parent When You're Battling An Epic Hangover?"

  • Get up before they do - Let the healing begin with a shower, aspirin, and caffeine. It's easier to do without the little ones hanging around.
  • Take shifts - It really helps to share the responsibility. Once your shift is over, it's nap time.
  • Have a pajama day - The kids always like spending time with you in your big bed. Sounds like a good day to watch movies and relax.
  • Hydrate - Water can help you fight off the hangover faster.
  • Embrace screen time - Looks like it's the perfect time to let your child use your iPad to binge watch their favorite cartoons.
  • Play quiet games - Games are a good distraction but make sure they are calm ones.
  • Call for reinforcements - A visit to Grandma's house is never a bad thing.
  • Bribe them - You don't want to make this a habit, but in extreme situations, it's very useful.
  • Nap when your kids nap - Hopefully, your kids are good nappers. This could give you some series recovery time.
  • Have an emergency new toy stash - Nothing can get your children's attention like a brand new toy to play with.
  • Arrange a swap with other parents - A friend can help you out for a few hours and you can return the favor it the future.

Good luck.

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