Remember coyotes and foxes might look like cute little creatures from afar but they are dangerous wild animals and it's their active season so please protect your pets when they're outside.

Wild Animals Moving Into Residental Areas In Illinois

I don't if you've noticed lately in your neighborhood but more and more wild animals are moving into residential areas in Illinois. I see them all the time on my block. I'm not talking about squirrels or raccoons. I'm seeing more aggressive ones like coyotes and foxes.

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Life is a little easier for wild animals when they live in a residential area. They don't have to worry about any predators or hunters after them. It's much easier to find food. The creatures most likely won't come after humans but they're very dangerous for pets that like to spend time outside.

Beware Of Active Coyotes And Foxes In Illinois
Beware Of Active Coyotes And Foxes In Illinois

Coyotes And Foxes Active This Time Of Year In Illinois

It's breeding time for both coyotes and foxes. That makes the animals much more aggressive, especially the males. That increases the likelihood of an attack on pets or even humans. That's why I wanted to give you a heads-up about the situation.

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If You Have Coyotes And Foxes In Your Illinois Neighborhood

  • Don't leave pets outside unattended.
  • Keep dogs on a short leash while on walks.
  • Don't feed wild animals or leave food outside.
  • They can jump over fences.
  • Turn on your outside lights at night.
  • Check the yard before letting pets outside.
  • If you run into a coyote or fox make loud noises to scare them off.

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A recent coyote attack on a dog in Arlington Heights prompted police there to issue a warning, as wildlife experts note that the animals could be particularly active in the coming month.

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