Just seeing one of these things brings shivers down my spine.

That said, I have never seen one in person, and based on what I've noticed on the internet, there aren't many pics to back up my fears.

Explored Planet took a deep dive and looked at the most menacing creatures in America and came up with The Most Dangerous Animal In Each State, Revealed and until today, I had no idea these were a thing in Illinois.

The website says the most dangerous animal in The Land of Lincoln is Zombie Coyotes.


Say what?

Explored Planet:

Those who’ve never heard of zombie coyotes will most likely think again before approaching them. Commonly found in Illinois, these coyotes are usually infected with a disease and will often look sick.

Like regular not zombified coyotes, these things aren't to be trifled with. If you see one don't try to help because they will attack.

Apparently, we have one too many Good Samaritans in Illinois attempting to take care of these things assuming they look like dogs.


The advice I've always been given is to just stay away from potential angry and rabid wildlife like coyotes and even more, ZOMBIE COYOTES.

You should know though, that zombie coyotes aren't something out of George Romero's imagination.

Long story short, these coyotes have a bad case of mange, explained in further detail by this YouTube dude here.

It's actually kind of sad when you think about it. Just let someone else be the one to nurse them back to health.

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