Illinois is having an issue with coyotes after two attacks happen in one day in Chicago.

Here's a question to think about. Does Illinois have a coyote problem? It sure seems that way. There are several sightings throughout the state. Not just in rural and forest areas but they are showing up in cities and populated areas too. I've seen them wandering around in my neighborhood in Rockford.

Up to now, they seemed to co-exist with humans. They don't show any fear of people, and curiosity is as far as it would go. The only things the coyotes would go after were some pets and animals. Now, they have up their game.

According to,

"A second person was attacked by a coyote in Chicago just hours after a young boy was hospitalized after being bitten. The incident made him the second victim of a coyote attack in less than a day in the city after a 5-year-old boy was bitten multiple times earlier that afternoon. The attacks were the latest in a string of incidents involving coyotes across the area in recent days. Animal control officials say that the increased sightings have come as coyotes are in search of food. Experts believe coyotes are coming closer and becoming more aggressive because they’re struggling to find food."

If you see coyotes in your neighborhood, here are a few things to do.

"Experts have several suggestions for residents who encounter coyotes. Making loud noises, or using a whistle, is a good way to spook a coyote into leaving and adding that waving hands and jumping up and down can also work. Residents should also keep dogs on short leashes and allow pets to hide behind them if they encounter a coyote. Homeowners are also encouraged not to leave garbage out in the open, as it could potentially encourage coyotes to seek out their yards as a food source."


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