Police in Carol Stream will be the first in Illinois to try a new drug test on suspects for driving while high. If it works there, it could go statewide.

In an effort to keep roads safe, Illinois has very strict DUI laws. Now lawmakers are ready to take on another impaired driving issue. They want to go after the people who are getting behind the wheel while they are high on drugs.

According to chicagotribune.com,

"As states legalize marijuana use, opioid abuse runs rampant, the methamphetamine crisis continues and new synthetic drugs hit the streets, law enforcement authorities say it’s more common than ever to encounter motorists who are under the influence."

Up to this point, that seemed very difficult. The only way to test for drugs was by a blood or urine test. Not really possible on a simple traffic stop.

"In response, police are pioneering a new generation of chemical tests designed to detect drugs quickly in drivers’ bodies, eventually during a roadside stop. They’re like breath tests for alcohol, but they use mouth swabs to screen for at least a half-dozen other drugs."

Some people are skeptical of the whole process.

"Critics, like some marijuana proponents and civil rights advocates, question how well the tests work and whether they’ll be used properly. Judges have yet to certify that the tests are accurate. They might just as well hand somebody a bag of nachos and see if he eats it. That’s just as valid.”

Of course, this issue will end up being brought to court.

If it works in Carol Stream and survives a legal battle, it will end up throughout Illinois including Rockford.

What do you think?

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