Before you know it, the state of Illinois will have legal marijuana.


It was about five years ago that Colorado and Washington lead the charge for the legalization of recreational marijuana. So here we are nearing the end of 2017, and we are to a point where Illinois could have some legal weed really soon.

You may agree or disagree with these 12 pros and cons, but this an interesting read for sure. Here are a few of each:


  • Dismantling Of The Black Market - Those that state on social media that they are "self-employed and loving it" will be forced to find a real job.
  • Improved Quality & Safety Control - If you buy your weed from a guy in a hoodie, do you know exactly what's in it?
  • Increased Tax Revenue - Illinois is broke, watch the state regain some financial control.


  • Marijuana Is Addictive - This is always a topic of debate. Smart people can't give a for sure answer, but 1 in 10 develop a dependency.
  • Second-Hand Smoke Problem? - THC in someone else's system that isn't smoking? Second-hand contact high, is that an issue?
  • Marijuana Is A Gateway Drug - So pot is legal in Illinois, where does that take those that smoke on a regular basis? Something harder?



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