Many of us value our time in the bathroom at work. It's not just about doing the deed, it's also a short getaway from the rest of the people at the office. It's a time for decompression, both of your bowels and your mind, and for most people, one of those stalls becomes a home bowl. Every workplace has that person who spends way more time than probably necessary, and we make our jokes, but their way of life is at risk now.

StandardToilet has gained respect and is being back by the British Toilet Association, a group out there fighting for better bathroom conditions in all public spaces, including businesses.

They've created a prototype of a toilet that's slanted 13º downward, to cut bathroom breaks to about five minutes, or however long it takes the user's legs to get tired. They say it helps with posture as well, giving you a more effective bathroom break, but I know they're full of crap there.


The company will offer two models, one wall mounted, and one floor mounted. The intention is to help the health of those who are spending half an hour on the pot, putting them at risk of hemorrhoids, weakening of pelvic muscles and "Reduce musculoskeletal disorders," according to developer Mahabir Gill.

Researches found that they companies are losing up to two and a half hours per employee, per week. You can find out how much your employer is paying you by using a Poop Calculator.

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