With the big day just a week away and everyone scrambling to get that perfect gift for the kids or that someone special I thought I would revisit some great gifts that I got when I was a kid.

During the holidays as an adult, it's all about the kids and seeing their faces light up when they open up that one special present on Christmas morning. I remember some great Christmas mornings with my little brother opening up gifts that I really wanted. Here are a few of those presents that I got that I still remember to this day and being so excited about getting.

Voltron- This was one of the big presents that I still remember how excited I was when I opened it up. Then my brother broke it. Thanks, Sean.

Nintendo - With tech gifts big in the last few years this was the gift of all gifts at my house back in the day. The original NES system that we opened up one Christmas morning was the best and we played that system for days on end. Until our mom put it away. Thanks, mom. Now people get paid to play video games.

BMX bike  -  In my early teenage years after watching the movie "RAD" over a hundred times, all I wanted was a Mongoose BMX bike. I got one that was royal blue with white rims. That boy was sick. Then someone stole it the next summer. But man I loved that bike.

What were some of your favorite gifts that you got on Christmas as a kid that sticks out to you?


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