In between the online delivery of Chuck E. Cheese food under a different name, and the potential closure of all their restaurants, I unearthed this somewhat interesting nugget.

Remember going to Chuck E. Cheese and Showbiz Pizza when you were a kid?

Now, do you remember the animatronic stage where Chuck E. Cheese and the rest of the band would play instruments and sing songs?

Besides being the stuff of nightmares and future mobile games, they are all but gone, well, with the exception of Rockford.

For some odd reason, Rockford is the last and only home of the "Rocker Stage."

The Chuck E. Cheese's in Rockford, Illinois is the last known location to still have the Rocker Stage. Helen is now standing instead of sitting and their cosmetics have been changed to their modern style (i.e. Helen with her updated look as well as Jasper playing his cheese-shaped guitar instead of a banjo.)

Rockford has been home to the only Rocker Stage since 2008 when the Chuck E. Cheese in Simi Valley, California closed.

Just a strange piece of trivia that if and or when Chuck E. Cheese closes up shop will be gone forever.

If you're wondering how much these animatronic figures fetch on the open market. A Chuck E.Cheese "robot costume figure display" on Ebay is currently listed at $7500.

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