Chuck E. Cheese is saying goodbye to the animatronic animal band, what should we say goodbye to in Rockford?

Photo - YouTube
Photo - YouTube

We go all the way back to the late 1970's for the birth of a band that entertained us as kids, and our kids too. The super creepy, and poorly lit robot band at Chuck E. Cheese is officially over. The "Pizza Time Players" have played their final gig.

According to Chuck E. Cheese Chief Executive Tom Leverton:

The kids stopped looking at the animatronics years and years ago

So with this iconic band calling it quits, I was thinking about things in town that maybe should just go away. Sometimes holding onto history just to hold onto it, isn't the best idea. With the Chuck E Cheese robot band, kids just don't care anymore.

Without upsetting too many people, here are 5 Rockford Things That Should end Like the Chuck E. Cheese Robots:

  • Tear Down the Symbol: No one really has a clue what this thing means. To visitors, it's the same response every time, "what the hell is that".
  • The Clocktower Resort - This massive eye sore keeps getting worse by the day. Bulldoze that junkyard ASAP.
  • The BMO - Let's tear this place down and start over. The "Big Orange Box" isn't in need of any more facelifts, it's in need of a wrecking ball.
  • The Rockford Police Department Giant "Tank" - Could this new vehicle that the Rockford P.D. uses be any more ridiculous? Just ask Chuck Sweeny, he's the smartest man alive.
  • Coronado P.A.C. - This place is turning 90 years old. Don't we want new technology, don't we deserve state of the art and not old art?


If you made it through this blog without punching the computer screen, congrats. I am completely kidding about all of these things. Besides, no one under 75 knows who Chuck Sweeny is anyway.



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