The employees from a closing Illinois Chuck E Cheese location take a sledgehammer to the mouse mascot head.

Chuck E Cheese's is a great place for kids. Not so much for the parents. I couldn't imagine working there. You would definitely need the right personality.

I don't care how "Happy" of a place it is. At some point, I think Chuck E Cheese would put me over the edge. I might be tempted to break something.

According to,

"The Chuck E Cheese corporation was closing a franchise location in Oak Lawn, Illinois."

I can understand that former employees would be angry about losing their jobs. Also, with having to deal with that mascot on a daily basis could be frustrating. When I saw this video of the Chuck E Cheese mascot head being destroyed, I wasn't surprised.

How good would that feel if you got the chance to take a sledgehammer swing at the Chuck E Cheese mascot head? Or maybe if you lost a job and got to break your old computer. It might make you feel a little better about the situation.

I was surprised that management didn't stop them from the destruction.

The article mentions something rather strange.

"This ritual destruction of the singing pizza mouse is the standard operating procedure for a dying member of the brand."

Wow, this action is company approved. You gotta love that. The former workers get some satisfaction before hitting the unemployment line.

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