For the first time in thirty years, the child support laws have changed in the state of Illinois.

Pay people to obey the law
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There are brand new laws in the state of Illinois regarding child support that you need to be aware of. If you are paying or receiving child support take a look at the old and new laws of our state.

Here is the old law -

  • Calculated by taking the payor’s net income and applying a  percentage according to the number of children as follows:
  • One child:  20%
  • Two children: 28%
  • Three children: 32%

Here is the new child support law as of July 1st -

  • Both parents incomes will be considered when calculating support total
  • Both parents net income, using gross to net conversion chart
  • Combine the net
  • Figure out what percentages of the combined net income is represented by each parent’s net incomes
  • The combined net income will be figured out using an income shares chart to set basic child support obligation
  • Multiply the resulting number with the percentages for each parent
  • The resulting numbers are each parent’s child support obligations



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