Here's a video of Double T getting over his fear and learning how to ride a horse.

This is the "World Premiere" of my new video series called "Double T, Just Do It" on The Eagle YouTube Channel.

During the "Double T, Just Do It" video series, I will face my fears and do things that make me feel uncomfortable.


In this episode, I will face my fear of riding horses. It's been twenty plus years since I tried riding one. That wasn't a good experience, so I never did it again.

Captain Jack enlisted some friends that are horse riding experts to help me.

I would like to send out a big thank you out to Heather Green, Kelsey Miller, and Tina Miller for all their help. They walked me through the whole process and I had a great time.

Of course, we had some laughs along the way too.

By the way, do you like my hat?

I hope you enjoy "Double T, Just Do It!"

Video: Double T Conquers his Fears and Learns to Ride a Horse


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