This weekend, the world-famous fountain in Chicago finally reopens.


If you are not familiar with Buckingham Fountain, it is a must-see attraction in Chicago. People come from around the world to get their picture taken in front of it.

Just in case you are not.

According to,

"The fountain is located at Columbus Drive and the lakefront. An official Chicago landmark, the fountain was donated to the city by Chicagoan Kate S. Buckingham in 1927 in honor of her late brother Clarence, a renowned art enthusiast. It was designed by architect Edward H. Bennett, with the sculptural elements designed by French artist Marcel Loyau based on fountains at the Palace of Versailles in France."

TV Star

The fountain is also a television star. It was featured in the opening of the popular show "Married With Children."

Check it out for yourself. It is right in the beginning.

Video: Married with Children Theme Song

I remember a few years ago, my dad's cousin from Finland came to Illinois for a visit. One of the sites he wanted to see with his family was the "Bundy Fountain." That is in reference to the Bundy Family who the program was centered around.

They did not know the name of it, they just knew it from TV.

Finally Opening

Each winter, they turn the water off at Buckingham Fountain. The temperatures just get way too cold in Chicago and it freezes. The city gets it going in the spring.

Last year, it was never turned back on because of COVID restrictions. That means the fountain has not had water running in it since the fall of 2019.

Do not worry, they have been testing it so they know it will be all set to go.

This Saturday there will be a virtual opening ceremony and a contest winner will flip on the switch.


Normally on summer evenings, there is a light show to music at the fountain. That will come a little bit further down the road. Details and schedules will be coming soon.


As a kid, my family and I made many trips down to Buckingham Fountain. In fact, it became a meeting place for several events through the years like at "Taste of Chicago."

I recommend going to check it out sometime this summer. I promise you will enjoy it. Plus, it is free to see.

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