Led Zeppelin 2 Performing at Sinnissippi Music Shell
Led Zeppelin 2 Performing at Sinnissippi Music Shell

The summer concert series at Sinnissippi Music Shell needs your support.

Concert Hobby

I am a huge fan of music, especially concerts. Some people enjoy golfing, fishing or video games to just name a couple of hobbies. For me, it is all about live music.

I have been to hundreds of concerts in my lifetime including many here in Rockford. Our city has several cool places to see shows but I do have a favorite.

Favorite Local Venue

Nothing against the other venues in the Forest City but the Sinnissippi Music Shell is something special.

The shell itself is so unique. I have never seen anything like it before. That helps create some great sound. Then it is located in the middle of a beautiful park. It sits on the bottom of a hill. You can either enjoy seats or a lawn spot.

It just has a great vibe. The perfect place for families, fans, friends, or couples. Everyone usually has a good time enjoying drinks, food, and live music.


According to rockfordparkdistrict.org/musicshell,

"The construction of the Music Shell was first promoted by the Rockford Civic Symphony Orchestra, which sponsored a two-day music festival in August 1948 to launch the project. The Lions Club coordinated many donations made to the project by local organizations and underwrote additional construction costs of $4,000–$6,000. The Music Shell was designed by A. Reyner Eastman, who contributed the plans and his time to supervise the construction."

Summer Concert Series

Each year, the Rockford Park District schedules an amazing concert series at the Sinnissippi Music Shell. They bring in a nice variety of different styles of bands.

This year they are hosting Steely Dane (Steely Dan Tribute), American English (Beatles Tribute), Blooze Brothers (Blues Brothers Tribute), and many more.

Help Needed

The concerts are all free but they are not cheap to put on. Since they missed all of last year, the park district is behind in donations to help cover the costs of the shows.

If you can please help with these great local events, here is how to do it from the Sinnissippi Music Shell Facebook page.

I definitely recommend going down to check it out sometime this summer.

For more info, HERE.

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