Take me out to the ball game, and take all my money, too! Chicago is a really expensive place to see a baseball game.

Just the other day I was talking to someone about going to a Cubs game. It seemed like when I was younger we used to go to a few games every year. Sure as a kid I wasn't drinking Wrigley vodka slushies or anything, but still I have three siblings and my parents managed to get us to the game at a do-able price.

Not so much anymore. Catching the Boys in Blue at Wrigley is the second most expensive place to see a baseball game in the United States.

According to Go Banking Ranks, the average price for two people to see the Cubs at Wrigley is $116.06, second expensive only to seeing the Red Sox in Boston ($157).

Go Banking Ranks breaks the Wrigley cost down like this:

  • Two tickets: $64.06
  • Two hot dogs: $11.50
  • Two beers: $15.50
  • Parking: $25

This explains why when I went to the game last year, I only went because my awesome friend's dad rented out a suite. Pretty sure they sell rooftop deals on Groupon, we'll all probably being using those to see Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo take on the 2016 season.

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