A man in Chicago has received canteen owned by his father during World War II.

My mother and I were going through some of my father's things a couple of months ago. During our search, we found a few old military medals from Finland. He was born there so they must have belonged to one of his relatives. We decided to mail them to his cousin who lives in Helsinki. He was so excited to receive this lost piece of family history.

This same sort of story happened to a grateful man in Chicago.

According to chicagotribune.com,

"WWII veteran's lost relic made its way home to Chicago from France."

I think nowadays when people receive a message through social media from a complete stranger, they immediately brush it off as a scam. Especially, when it comes from another country.

Personally, I would ignore it.

Luckily, this man in Chicago decided to answer back and he ended up with a huge payoff.

A gentleman from France reached out to him. He's a collector of World War II items. He purchased an old canteen from a local garage sale. He cleaned it up and noticed that there was an inscription which included an army serial number.

After doing some research, he was able to track down the late soldier's family. His sent them the canteen and now they have an incredible family heirloom.

What a great story.


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