The UW Health Sports Factory in downtown Rockford is hosting a Chicago Bulls Fundamentals camp for kids interested in basketball.

When I was a kid growing up playing sports, things were a lot different.

Your parents signed you up for the one you wanted to play. You had practice for a couple of weeks and then the games started. At the end of the season, you put that equipment away until next year and moved on to the next thing.

Nowadays, sports are year round. If you want to play for your high school, the offseason is just as important as the regular season. You have to train and go to camps.

There is a great opportunity coming to Rockford for kids to improve their basketball skills.

The Rockford Park District has teamed up with the Bulls/Sox Academy for a Chicago Bulls Fundamentals camp at the UW Health Sports Factory in downtown Rockford.

There will be two camps held on Saturday, October 21st.

The first camp is for beginning players ages 5-14 and will run 9am-12pm.

The second camp is for advanced players ages 9-17 and will run 1pm-4pm.

Not only will campers work on the techniques of the game, but they will also learn about being a student-athlete and good teammate.

Training with experts could really help a young player improve.

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