I mean, the rest of this robbery he had really well planned out! That whole hand the teller your Illinois State ID kinda screwed up his day.

Edner Flores, 34, walked into PNC Bank in Humboldt Park, Chicago with the intention of leaving with $10,000. He waited his turn in line, and when he got up to the teller it was time to wow this bank employee with his stupid.

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Edner handed the teller a deposit slip that had the date on it, $10,000 written down, and a note on the side that read "no die packs and armed." So here's the best part, along with this well thought out deposit slip note was a couple of his Illinois State ID. You know, containing his name, address, date of birth...and a giant PLEASE HAVE ME ARRESTED stamp.

The teller at PNC Bank in Chicago calmly took the deposit slip and the ID and tapped the silent alarm. To keep Mr. Flores there longer, she asked him if he wanted to make a deposit or a withdrawal...Brilliant! She handed him a withdrawal slip that he FILLED OUT. With the account number "123456789" and withdrawal amount of $10,000.

The teller kept Mr. Flores busy long enough, because 12 minutes went by and the cops were standing in line behind him...busted. Great work by this teller!

Cops found a knife on Mr. Flores and helped identify himself in surveillance photos. This dude was so helpful, and dumb!


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