August 12th 1980, Rick and Bun E jam and record with John Lennon on a song called "I'm Losing You".Seriously, a jam session with John Lennon. If you remember Rick's Picks, there were some John Lennon guitar strings in a display case.

As the story goes, Lennon originally recorded this tune with the Cheap Trick fellas,  but Yoko felt it rocked TOO HARD, really Yoko?  So it did not make it onto Lennon's Double Fantasy album.

There is also a story about John Lennon trying to get out of paying Rick and Bun E, but from what I've heard they did get paid. Who knows if that story is even true.

So here you go, it's two parts of Cheap Trick playing with John Lennon on "I'm Losing You".

Know who else loves John Lennon?

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