Today is International Left-Handers Day! I am left handed, if only I could throw a fastball.Being Left handed is great, and still to this day people sometimes look at you like you are from a different planet.

According to Metro here are 12 Things you Only Understand if You’re a Leftie.

  • Computers are all wrong

  • Cooking is fraught with hazards

  • University hates you

  • Sport isn’t designed for you

  • Restaurants just don’t get it

  • Friends make weird assumptions about you

  • Even getting dressed can cause drama

  • Everyone wants to greet you the wrong way

  • The weird nicknames

  • The bank hates you

  • The amount of these you went through in school

I could not agree with all of these any more. In fact, I am going to fly a "I'm a Leftie" flag in front of my house and attach one to my car.

But I'm going to use my left hand to hang said flag, so it might be slightly crooked. Happy International Left-Handers Day!


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