Winnebago County Animal Services has teamed up with the Rock River Valley Blood Drive.

This is a fantastic event that I think everyone should make it out to, animal lover or not.

blood drive partners with animal adoption
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Donating blood seems scary, but it really isn't. Let's face it, donating blood saves lives. By doing so, you can enhance the lives of up to three people and can save up to 4.5 million American lives by blood transfusions as WTVO reports.

There will be a blood drive held in the parking lot of Winnebago County Animal Services on Tuesday, Sept. 1 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

While at most blood drives, the person making the donation gets cookies, juice and the satisfaction of helping others, but at this particular one, you get a whole lot more.

The Winnebago County Animal Service will be giving discounts on a new pet!

For anyone who donates, or attempts to donate blood, they will receive a coupon for half off the adoption fee of any cat or dog.

How great is that! Not only will you be helping others by getting them the blood they need to survive, but you also help yourself to a more fulfilling and longer life.

It's a proven fact that living with a pet can help reduce stress, elongate your life and bring more joy. WebMd even states that having a pet can help reduce your blood pressure!

Keep in mind, there are guidelines to adopt when using this coupon.

  • Cat or dog must be one year or older.
  • Limit one coupon per household.
  • Coupon will expire within six months of donation.