The new school year in beginning, time to celebrate mom and dad!All area schools will be back in session during the next few weeks. Hopefully your kids made the most out of their summer. But the real question is for the parents, how will you celebrate?

According to MommyNoire here are 10 Things Parents Celebrate When Kids go Back to School.

  • Stop the marathon grocery shopping trips
  • Get my television back
  • Conserve on gas
  • Sit silently
  • Go to the bathroom
  • Walk around without being followed
  • Stop having random conversations
  • Take a break from negotiating
  • Talk on the phone without being interrupted
  • Read a book

I'm pretty lucky, my kids are great. The conversations ARE pretty random at times, but that's just fun.

No more sleeping until 10am kids, school time is back. But how about one more summertime party for all ages? Click on the link below!

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