Here's another opportunity to watch Michael Jordan's episode of Saturday Night Live again.

I've always enjoyed watching Saturday Night Live. When I was young, I tried forcing myself to stay awake to check it out. Then, when I got older and went out on Saturday nights, I would record it. Recently, I was entertained by their "Live From Home" episodes.

Of course, when they have funny actors or comedians as the special guest, it works. I prefer the "fish out of water." The real hilarious parts happen with musicians, serious actors, and athletes. One of my favorites was Michael Jordan. Not am I only a fan, I also thought it was good.

With the success of "The Last Dance," a documentary about Jordan and the Bulls, "Michael Fever" is back. He's all over the place once again.

There are some benefits to the "shelter in place" order. Television shows, movies, music, and other content that has been made available for everyone. Things not experienced in years. The flashbacks have been great. I just found out some good news. The Michael Jordan on Saturday Night Live is included.

According to,

"NBCSN will rebroadcast the ‘‘Saturday Night Live’’ episode Jordan hosted on Sept. 28, 1991. The program is part of a series of sports-related ‘‘SNL’’ episodes the network is re-airing. The Jordan episode will be broadcast on Monday at 7 p.m. and May 29 at 10 p.m."

I'm looking forward to that one.

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