Michael Jordan may be the greatest basketball player of all time, but he cheaped when playing this board game.

Growing up, I loved playing board games. When I was really young, there were games like Candyland. As I got older, it was Clue. I remember as a little kid, doing things that stretched the rules, so I could win. I didn't know better. For a while, my favorite game was Life, but the older boy across the street would always break the rules so I was soured on that one.

I think when it comes to cheating, the top board game for that has to be Monopoly. Everyone seems to have their own rules. It would start many arguments between the neighbors and myself in my parent's basement. The problem got so bad, my mom banned playing it at our house.

After that, I became anti-board game until I had a daughter of my own. I started to have fun again. It was hilarious when she started trying to pull those little tricks like kids do to win. I remember my mom was playing with her and got all upset about it. I told my mom, it's just for fun and not to worry about it. Like me, she was too young to know better. As she got older, it didn't take her long to figure it out. She even got me to play Monopoly again. A game usually busts out during a holiday or family get together.

I believe I'm very lucky as a Chicago sports fan to have grown up during the Michael Jordan era Bulls. To me, he is and will always be the greatest of all time. He was such an awesome athlete that he played minor league baseball and is a huge golfer. I thought in his prime that he might even be able to play wide receiver for the Bears.

Last spring, when the documentary series "The Last Dance" came out, it was such an amazing flashback to his incredible career. I thought it was cool because it brought him back to the forefront. It gave the fans that didn't get a chance to see him back in the day, what it was like.

Many cool stories I had never heard came out. Here's a funny one. Michael wasn't perfect. He did have trouble with some activities.

According to sportscasting.com,

"His Airness wasn’t just a supremely talented star, though; he had an unshakeable will to win that drove him to become the greatest of all-time. Sometimes, however, he took things a bit too far. Take, for example, Michael Jordan’s time in playing professional baseball, MJ was known to cheat in Yahtzee games against Terry Francona, just because he couldn’t stand the thought of losing."

I think that's hilarious. He was old enough to know better too.

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