Near Rockford. there are some cannabis farm jobs available.

It has now been over a year since recreational marijuana became legal in Illinois. That is probably one of the only good things to happen in our state in 2020. The industry is huge. Each month breaking sales records. That is not even at full strength. Think about how much bigger it could get.

The law came into effect way too fast. There was not really enough time to figure out all the details and more importantly, making sure there is plenty of product available. Unfortunately, the supply could not keep up with demand which was enormous.

Illinois planned on adding licenses and other businesses needed to get the state's marijuana industry back on track. COVID delayed those plans. In 2021, look for the pot companies to grow. With that will come more opportunities to start a career in the weed world.

If you have ever been interested in getting into the pot business, here might be your chance. Plus, it is not too far from Rockford. I believe it is a good time to break into the industry with so many new opportunities becoming available.

According to,

"In Grown Farms is a medical and adult-use cannabis cultivation facility licensed by the state of Illinois. Our operation is growing quickly in Freeport and we are excited to offer new opportunities to work in the area. Need to candidates to fill 24 full-time positions and 68 part-time jobs at the expanding facility east of Freeport."

For more info, HERE.

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