Whether you are pro or con on the legalization, in this story medical marijuana saved a young Illinois man's life.

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From The Telegraph, the group "Illinois Women in Cannabis" are singing the praises of a Jerseyville woman who saved her son's life by medical marijuana treatment.

David McNew
David McNew

At the age of 11, Coltyn Turner found out he had Crohn's Disease after a near-drowning incident. Medical marijuana was introduced into Coltyn's life, and it took a turn for the better.

“In 2013, Coltyn got sick from his medicine that he was taking, we were given three options: Take more medicine, which could give him lymphoma; have a colostomy bag for the rest of his life; or try alternative medicine. That’s when I started researching cannabis.” - Wendy Turner (Coltyn's Mother)

After prescribed meds were found to be too hard on his body, Coltyn and his father travels to Colorado to try medicinal marijuana as a treatment.

“It was a miracle, it really was, words can’t describe that feeling, really. We feel so blessed and so happy that this worked because we were losing him and we didn’t know what to do. It was a godsend.” - Wendy Turner

After the family figured out that the cannabis was helping, they moved from Illinois to Colorado. They found a pill form that Coltyn could take, and after seven months of taking the medical marijuana, it was revealed that Coltyn’s Crohn’s disease was in remission.

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Thanks to Illinois’ medical marijuana program, the family and a much healthier Coltyn were able to return to the state.


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