The usually quit quiet Roscoe area, had an unfortunate situation occur this week. I have drove past this location a million times up in Roscoe, and never gave it a second thought. Obviously after this, I look at the area quite differently.

This past Tuesday, a body was discovered in Roscoe at a U-Haul Storage Unit located near McCurry Rd. and Rt. 251. Today we found out more. WIFR

The body of 33 year-old Michelle Arnold-Boesigner from Harvard,  according to Roscoe Police was found this past Tuesday. There was a missing persons report done by the Holiday Hills Police Department back on January 3rd of this year. Then on January 26th that investigation was given to the McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

There are multiple agencies involved in this ongoing and active investigation. If you have any tips or help of any kind, please contact the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department at (815) 319-6300. Or you can call the Village of Roscoe Police Department with any information, at (815) 623-7338.

Back on Tuesday, March 2nd the Winnebago County Coroner's Office confirmed that there was a body found at the U-Haul storage facility. Hopefully cameras, or some helpful hints to the Roscoe Police Department helps us get some answers to this unfortunate mystery.

The Village of Roscoe Police Department issued a statement about the finding, that ends with "there is no reason to believe the public is at risk." As mentioned earlier this is connected to a missing persons care from outside of our area.


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