Next time you're on a road trip you might have to consider one of those restaurants inside a gas station.

Full disclosure, I never thought much of those places, usually opting for some form of fast food that's usually close by.

The next time I'm on the road though, and hungry and thinking about a sit-down restaurant, I should probably consider one of the best truck stop restaurants in America.

Seated in Morris, about 90 minutes from Rockford, there's R Place Restaurant & Eatery as part of a Travel Centers of America gas station location.


Open 24/7, R-Place Family Eatery has become a top stop for those travelling around the Chicago area. The mains such as chicken pot pie are excellent, but the bakery is equally impressive. Everything is made from scratch, from pastries and cupcakes to brownies and buns.

R-Place, 21 Romine Drive, is also well-reviewed on TripAdvisor saying "If you’re looking for the good food as a truck stop and local eatery and the atmosphere of a nicer restaurant, this is the place to go."

Like every restaurant during the pandemic, R Place has been hit hard by closures, openings, and closings again.

The Travel Centers website says the restaurant is currently closed. I followed up by calling R Place in Morris directly and there was no answer.

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