Rap group Cypress Hill did a sit down conversation, talking about wild tour stories and Rockford came up in the conversation. The guys say this was around twenty years ago, but it's still a great Rockford story. The guys went from paranoia to taking a photo, to driving a Rockford Police car, what? This is pretty funny.

There are the tour riders for bands, their demands. All white dressing rooms, no green M&M's, pre-washed black towels only, the stories go on and on. This wasn't a request for their tour stop in Rockford, it was I guess a guy trying to impress his grandkids. This would have to be the coolest grandpa ever.

While staying in Rockford while on tour, the group rented out a Rockford movie theatre so they could smoke during the movie. After the flick the guys were walking back to their hotel when they were approached by a Rockford cop...The officer asked if they would like a police escort to their show the next morning. Little did they know, it wouldn't be a squad car leading their tour bus to the concert...it would be Cypress Hill driving.

Now again, they claim this was twenty years ago, they couldn't even remember what tour it was...but still a funny story. Here is B-Real, Sen Dog, & Eric Bobo, Cypress Hill talking about the time they drove a squad car here in Rockford. This IS insane in the brain.



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