Anyone else have a weird internet obsession?

Sure there's Facebook, and YouTube, and other social media sites. But then there's the unique stuff you just can't stay away from online. For me, it's a live stream on top of the Rockford Register Star building.

What's on that live stream? My girl Louise!

This is Louise -

Isn't she just the most incredible, perfect, beautiful bird you've ever seen? Like I said - I'm obsessed with her. Not only is she entertaining to watch on her own, every year she gets a boo. And then her and her boo have babies!

Last year Louise's mate was Lil Kool. And her and Lil Kool had three baby birds. They were SO cute.

Now Louise is ready to have some more babies. It's expected that Lil Kool will return to try and mate with Louise. However, there's been some bird drama. A new bird flew into town and put in a ton of effort gain Louise's attention. That bird's name is Brian.

Brian and Louise were spotted mating. So that means Louise could lay Brian's eggs here soon. But the drama is - Lil Kool is still expected to return and try and mate with Louise. So what's going to happen when Brian and Lil Kool meet? Well, it'll be a fight for the nest and a fight for Louise. Lil Kool might still end up raising Brian's babies with Louise if he can fight hard enough for her.

It's literally like a reality TV show but with birds ... on the Steve Shannon Show we call it "The Hatchelor".

You can watch the live stream and keep up with all the action right HERE!

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