One playground in Machesney Park finds itself closed until public works employees can clean up the graffiti that was spray-painted throughout the park.

On Sunday it was discovered that Price Park, near Ridge Ave. and Price Dr., had a number of cuss words and other messages spray painted all around the playground.

The vandals painted things like "learn some respect" and "drugs aren't bad with self-control".

According to Machesney Park's Superintendent of public works, Chad Hunter said that the clean-up process began on Monday.

Hunter told the on Monday:

“Based on today’s progress with how slowly it’s coming off, we’re probably looking at the end of the week,” he said. “We have it closed off just because we’re using pressure washers and cleaning chemicals.”

This is a very cute playground, so hopefully, they find out who did this soon. I'm all for beautifying buildings with artwork, but this isn't it.

It's ironic that one of the phrases the vandalizing jerks left behind was "learn some respect' because these actions are highly disrespectful. Maybe they should learn to channel that artistic drive somewhere constructive.


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