While heading down to the Coronado last Thursday, there he was.

Bill Murray
Ian Gavan, GettyImages

I was driving downtown last Thursday and my buddy Tony gets his phone out, "Whoa, look man it's Bill Murray". Sure as hell it was, right here in Rockford, Illinois. Now Bill Murray is no stranger to Rockford, he filmed part of the movie "Groundhog Day" here in town.

We were able to snap a pic of Bill Murray, and here it is:

Photo - Tony Dalpra
Photo - TSM

So what are the Bill Murray stickers all about? This graphic is related to the website "The Chive", and here is the what and why according to a post on Quora:

Bill Murray is the hero of the popular website theCHIVE, and they sell his likeness on shirts, stickers and other assorted merchandise...
When you see a Bill Murray sticker on a car, you're likely looking at someone who is a fan of said website.

So keep your eyes peeled while driving around Rockford and you might also catch a glimpse of the iconic Bill Murray.



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