Congratulations to a Rockford restaurant making it on's 19 Best Pizza Places in the Entire State of Illinois.

Mmm... pizza. It's my favorite food on the planet. I could literally eat it every single day for the rest of my life. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, thin crust, deep dish... it doesn't matter. It's perfect.

Jacek Chabraszewski, ThinkStock has put together a list of the 19 Best Pizza Places in the Entire State of Illinois and Rockfordians should celebrate. One of our favorite home town restaurants have made the list. If you haven't been to some of these locations, don't worry, the best pie at each location is listed as well.

  • Coalfire - Chicago - Margherita w/ fresh basil leaves
  • Lou Malnati's - Various Locations - Sausage deep dish
  • Giordano's - Various Locations - Chicago Classic
  • Vito & Nick's - Chicago - Classic cheese
  • Pequod's - Chicago and Morton Grove - Pan pizza with meatball and Italian beef
  • Pizzeria Da Nella - Chicago -  Prosciutto e rucola
  • Piece - Chicago - Plain Pizza
  • Burt's Place - Morton Grove - Mixed bell peppers pizza-in-the-pan
  • Papa Del's Pizza - Champaign - Original Sicilian with pepperoni and green peppers
  • Timpone's Restaurant - Urbana - Smoked Duck pizza
  • Pizza Villa - DeKalb - Taco pizza
  • Gabatoni's Restaurant - Springfield - Bacon chicken Alfredo pizza
  • Mickie's Pizzeria - North Pekin - The “M”
  • Agatucci's Restaurant - Peoria - Hamburger and shrimp pizza
  • Quatro's Deep Pan Pizza - Carbondale - Bianca Quatro’s w/ virgin olive oil, ricotta, and spinach
  • Alfano's Pizza - Rock Island - Stuffed pepperoni
  • Papa Vito's Pizza - Belleville & Waterloo - Mac & cheese pizza
  • Joe's Pizza - Paris - Pepperoncini and anchovies, extra thin crust
  • Lino's - Rockford - Double sausage

Way to go Lino's! It's got to feel good to be recognized like that. I've had a few of the pizzas on the list, but now I know what I need to try. Hamburger and Shrimp Pizza? That just seems weird enough to be amazing.