Each day we share with you what is new, noteworthy and weird in Rockford and our lives. Here is what was most talked about in 2016:

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9. Rockford's Cheapest House is as Bad as You'd Think

Well, you can get a home in Rockford for under $10,000! But, before you get excited, you may want to enlist the help of your very handy friends.

8. 15 Must Try Foods in Rockford for Less Than $10

Who knew that some of the greatest things to eat didn't have to cost an arm in a leg?

7. Illinois County Warns of Zombie Raccoons That Can Harm Dogs

There isn't anything friendly about a raccoon in general, let alone a zombie one.

6. Illinois' Only Family Oriented Nudist Park is Not Far From Rockford

Believe it or not, there is a magical place where families go to vacation together naked.

5. Five Things I Learned Meeting Gene Simmons

Captain Jack had an awesome time chatting with Gene Simmons. He learned some of the greatest life lessons from Uncle Gene.

4. Answer: This is What The Question Mark Sign Means in Rockford

If you have been driving anywhere in the Rockford area, you may have noticed black and white signs taped up around Rockford. We are 95% sure this is what the meaning is behind them.

3. Rockford Gets Slammed on Urban Dictionary

Rockford really took a hit when I saw the terrible things they were saying about our town on Urban Dictionary. Do you agree with what they say?

2. Chicago Museums Waive Admission Fee on These Days This Summer

This summer we had a blast going to all the different museums, for FREE! Check the list to see what is available this winter too!

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The number one most viewed story is...

1. 13 Riddles to Test Your Knowledge

Test your brain power and see if you can solve all of these riddles. The answers aren't always as easy as they seem.

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